Pro Series 1 Classes: Getting Started

Next week I begin a Professional Culinary Arts course through The Culinary Center of Kansas City. To answer the most common questions — 9 weeks; just for fun; yes, I already can cook; and no, we won’t be making casseroles. I selected the class because of the way the series is organized – by categories and methods rather than by courses or types of cuisine. For any gymnasts out there, because it is a “drills before skills” type of course focusing on basics and process, before you get fancy. The scheduled classes are: Knives, Meats, Seafood, Vegetables, Moist Heat Cooking, Dry Heat Cooking, The Mother Sauces, and Small Sauces. They had me at Knives.

While I hemmed and hawed about whether to register, my primary concern was if the course would be too basic for what I already know from practice, reading, and my formal Food Network education. I am by no means a professional but I like to think that I am a ways past beginner. The course is modeled after the first year of a professional chef’s course, so I am hoping it is a little more advanced. My welcome email arrived today, and based on my level of confusion from some of the instructions, I realize I have no idea how a professional kitchen works. Confusing instructions include wearing kitchen-safe shoes and kitchen-safe pants. I think I can figure out the shoes part, but really wonder about the pants. Do people show up in parachute pants or something that is a fire hazard? I imagine I’ll be calling with questions.

Stay tuned for my thoughts from each week’s class….


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