Fall is coming, and that means spiced cider.  And that means Winter will follow, which means hot chocolate.  Like a good Boy Scout, I am prepared with my Mini Whipper (no snapper here!) from Pampered Chef, which is one of my most indispensable kitchen tools.


And there’s more…I can’t live without my Stainless Whisk and Stainless Mini Whisk (also Pampered Chef).  They’re both solid little tools that are easy and comfortable to control.  Now, my Hollandaise sauce may have failed in cooking class, but I whisk like the wind at home (just not Hollandaise).


And no, I am not a Pampered Chef consultant, nor do I have the entire collection.  I just like tools that are good quality and really useful, and only like specialty tools when they absolutely rock.  (See Mini Whipper, above).


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