Johnny C’s Pizza

After a day of remodeling at our house, we wanted something delicious, but also didn’t want to “clean up” to go somewhere nice.  Our solution?  Johnny C’s Pizza.  The pizza is awesome and the interior is a little run-down, but clean.  We’d get our yummy on and not scare anyone away.  In fact, you barely even have a server, because you order at the counter and your pizza is delivered to your table.

It’s located in a strip mall that among other things, is home to a Dollar General and Big Lots (sounds great already, right?).  But I swear it is worth the stop.  We occasionally order takeout, andoccasionally eat-in.  And we always order the pepperoni pizza.  I’m going to call their pizza St. Louis-style…thin, crispy crusts and gooey provel cheese.  Decadent and tasty…it is comfort food at its finest.

The prices are really fair.  We had a 14″ pizza (hello, lunch!), sodas, and a side salad for under $20.  I spotted a toasted ravioli starter on the menu for $2.10.  Maybe next time.

Johnny C’s Pizza – 11200 West 75th Street, Shawnee, KS (913.631.3234)


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