Parties: Pony Birthday Party

As many little girls do, my three-year-old began to adore ponies and all things cowgirl. Thus, it came as no surprise when she asked for a pony party. We invited some girlfriends (and Daddy and Grandpas, of course). We also invited one of her little besties, who is a boy; but don’t tell him it was a girls’ party!

I designed, printed, and assembled the invitations myself, using free custom fonts I found on some cute blogs. I used Stars from Our Eyes and Rio Grande. For other cute font ideas, check out this blog. I embellished each with a kitchen twine bow and chose brown paper envelopes at Hobby Lobby for mailing.

Pony Party Invite MOD

I had specific snacks I wanted to make so we hosted the party at our home during mid-afternoon hours and skipped serving a meal. She has a fall birthday, so I always try to incorporate seasonal flavors and treats.

I froze prepared apple cider in advance and mixed it with 7-Up to make a slushy cider punch. I’d suggest freezing the punch in small or mid-size containers. I had to microwave some of mine just moments before the party because the ice chunks were too large and things weren’t looking all that lovely in my punch bowl.


Ready-made cheese and salted popcorn were served up fall festival style.20121013_6355

I did purchase a few items for this party that I hoped I could reuse as fall and everyday decorations. I bought decorative hay bales at Hobby Lobby and galvanized buckets and sisal rope at Tractor Supply. The buckets held favors and have since been used over and over, sporting new ribbon each time.




I braided the sisal rope around wire to make a giant letter E to hang on the wall. It may be helpful to note that working with sisal rope is about as much fun as pruning rose bushes.


I made chocolate- and graham cracker-dipped marshmallows (smores on a stick!) in clear treat bags as a takeaway favor for our adult guests. I displayed them in a magazine basket I had on hand, and used scrap paper to label them. I made these the night prior to the party so the marshmallows wouldn’t harden, and they were best eaten within a couple of days.


And of course, we had a pony cake!


My only job during the party was cutting the cake and having some cowgirl fun with my girl. That’s the glory of planning ahead, y’all.