Parties: Berry Patch Birthday Party

I love having a daughter and was thrilled when we learned we were going to have two! Sisters! So celebrating our daughter Meredith’s first birthday was a special treat. We nicknamed her “Meri” which lent itself nicely to calling her “Meri-Berry”, and a summertime berry patch birthday party was born.

I absolutely adored picking out décor for this party! Red gingham! Red grosgrain ribbon! Strawberries! Cherries! Blueberries! Baskets!

I created my own invitations using the party’s signature scrapbook papers, white cardstock, and sponge easels. That gorgeous curly font is called Things We Said. I had been looking for an excuse to use it.

Berry Patch Party Invite MOD20130615_7541 20130615_7540 20130615_7537 20130615_7538 20130615_7535

I kept the menu to berry-themed snacks that were mostly made in advance.

We assembled “Strawberry Short-kabobs” just before the party and served them with extra strawberries and whipped cream.



Two days prior to the party, I made a modified version of the famed Eleven Madison Park Granola and called it “Cherry Berry Granola”, omitting the pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and coconut chips, and adding golden raisins and extra sour cherries. It is equal parts surprisingly savory and surprisingly addictive.


Our punch was a simple blend of white cranberry juice and 7-Up. The goal was to have it be “berry” but not bright red. I really do like my carpeting and rugs. My punch strategy for all parties is simple: mix odds and ends together, then hide the containers. It hasn’t failed me yet.


The best part of the food and décor wasn’t my doing. My friend Shannon over at Shannon Bond Cake Design created these little beauties with limited instruction from me. (“It’s a berry patch party! Do your thing!”) She blew me away with these perfect cupcakes and smash cake. These are cake dreams come true, people!

20130615_7524 20130615_7529 20130615_7520

This was probably my most favorite party yet. It was so much fun to plan and enjoy, and seasonally perfect!