I’ve wanted to visit Grünauer since I cracked open an issue Kansas City Spaces magazine last year and read about the authentic Austrian and German restaurant opening in the historic Freight House. The Freight House is a lovely backdrop for any restaurant, and the items I saw browsing the online menu all sounded appealing.

Brandon and I had an impromptu opportunity for a quiet lunch date and this was an easy choice. A diligent point gatherer, he quickly made an Open Table reservation and we met inside.

You can’t beat a menu that offers a wide selection of sausages, in addition to items like weiner schnitzel, pork and noodle hash, and a savory Austrian dip sandwich. We read over the menu and chatted with our fantastic server before settling on the Austrian Dip and the KÄsekrainer sausages (pork with cheddar cheese). I was grateful that at Grünauer, I was able to order something strikingly similar to a cheese hot dog and still sound like a foodie.

Upon the lightning-quick delivery of our meal, I was reassured that this was no hot dog. Two beautifully grilled sausage links, a buttery pile of mashed potatoes, sweet red cabbage, and dipping cups of apple horseradish and Dijon mustard. It looked perfect and tasted even better. The sausage was amazing in both sauces. The cabbage was good and the potatoes were fine. I am not a mashed potato person anyhow, and was lucky enough to be offered tasty fries of Brandon’s plate, which allowed me to ingest more of each sauce. His sandwich was tender and flavorful, and the au jus was just right. And again, those fries were great. I apologize that there is no picture of my entree. I was so excited, I just plain ate it.

We “saved room for dessert” and ordered the Demel Viennese Apple Strudel without even examining the dessert menu. Our server said the Old Fashioned Warm Cheese Strudel was his favorite, but it was too late to turn back. We had seen a picture of the apple strudel in all its flaky glory on the website and knew it was how our meal would end. By this time, I was feeling a little full so I ordered coffee to help it all fit in my stomach.

The Julius Meinl coffee service was elegant and the coffee strong and smooth.

Dessert looked almost as lovely as the tempting picture on the website and was delicate and delicious, although not as flaky as I had anticipated. I loved the golden raisins cooked in with the apples.

Like a good movie, I keep thinking about my meal. I’m even doing a compound butter for my cooking class this week inspired by that lunch. With such great flavors and service, I am anxious to return!